Empowering Older Employees: Introduce the Digital Age Easily

Companies are entering a new era of transitioning to digital workplaces. There is an issue, however, because of a common misconception that the older generation workforce hesitates regarding technology. These individuals are of real value to a company’s development, and their experiences enrich the company itself. This is why they must be motivated to take the leap.

Why Companies Are Going Digital

In these fast times, efficiency is the key to better productivity. Companies aim to modernize their workplaces for the following reasons:

  • To increase employee engagement
  • To have independent employees with clear goals
  • To automate repetitive tasks
  • To avoid downtime searching for apps and data
  • To have much better interaction within the office

Engaging the Older Generation With Technology

The much older employees have experience and expertise that technology can not replace. AI can not replace decision-making skills and management skills. Therefore, companies need to invest time to get them to grow with the digital times to use their abilities to the max.

These important individuals need not be intimidated. If they feel threatened by the young ones and the new technology, ease them into the learning. Setting time to let them learn will always result in a much better outcome.

Make Training Easy and Continuous

Have specialists, like consultants for your digital workplace, head or be present at the training and let them speak this generation’s language. Having grown up with this technology, workers in their twenties and mid-thirties will quickly grasp everything. 

Of course, there are those older who are tech savvy but bear in mind there are those that may not be familiar with words that younger ones utilize. Speaking in layman’s terms, explaining acronyms, and keeping them updated will keep them stimulated.

Promote a Friendly Learning Environment

Encourage the workplace to practice motivating each other no matter age. Workers, supervisors, and even company owners have different knowledge levels. For that reason, everybody learns in different ways. Have a support team available for everyone, especially those who feel overwhelmed with the new system.

Connect Learning With Career Growth

With enough training, there is always room for growth and improvement. Let them understand the advantages of using technology and how it can help them reach their career objectives faster.

Empower Employees With the Right Tools

When creating the digital workplace, try to find the simplest tools to handle it, whether for communication, HR concerns, software application, etc. Consider modifications, and take note of details– anything that can help them can also help the business. Providing employees with all the right tools can result in a great user experience for the digital workspace to make productivity soar.

Support Remote Work

Practice will not make things perfect, but practice can enable them to understand more and enjoy their independence in a digital environment. They will find ways to solve their issues if given a chance to do virtual work. Let support be available all the time for all workers. Check providers out and ask about intranet use cases to know if your team will be well taken care of.

The Bottomline

Keeping and re-training the older employees to transition into the new will help fortify a company’s future. The growth they started will continue to be a leverage to push the business forward. It will be baby steps for some; however, the vast knowledge and experience this group can provide a company is valuable and can not be replaced.

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